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Horror movies in other horror movies

I feel like I´m faking. Faking everything.

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The Sacrament, 2014.

Well, anyway, my mission is finished.

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Repulsion (1965) dir. by Roman Polanski: It is clear from early on in the film that the lead character, Carol, played brilliantly by an extremely young-looking Catherine Deneuve, is not exactly normal. When her sister leaves her alone in their shared London apartment for a few days, however, the things that scare Carol are the sorts of things that have scared a lot of people spending the night alone, such as hearing (imagined) footsteps in the hallway and the like. Of course, while normal people get a brief fright from such a thing, Carol descends into a madness of hallucinations. The movie is seen almost entirely from her point of view, gives the entire movie a claustrophobic feeling that enhances the impact of Carol’s hallucinations.” (x)


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Oh, like… I have never thought about bisexuality. I mean, for myself, you know? But, as a scientist, I know that sexuality, is a… is a… is a spectrum. But you know, social biases they, codified attraction. It’s contrary to the biological facts… you know.

T h a t ’ s …   O d d l y    R o m a n t i c . 

Trauma, 1993.

Evelyne Brochu in Polytechnique (2009)

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