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Phenomena/Creepers, 1985.


Orphan Black 1x04 - Effects of External Conditions

You’re me, I’m you.

You see? You haven’t a ghost of a chance.

Spellbound - Dream Sequence

Late birthday gift!


carrie white really brings the house down and paints the town red in stephen king’s new family-centric, christian coming of age film

The Loved Ones(2009) dir. Sean Byrne


The Loved Ones(2009) dir. Sean Byrne

I was reading this pretty cool book about horror films, and how cultural landscapes change and influence the content of them and what we find scary. And it was getting really interesting, yeah. But my god there are so many typos and it made me so angry I haven’t picked it up since!

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I know all too well of that tale. It’s difficult, I literally keep a book of sketches and notes for ideas of

Haha, this is amazing! I’ve been basically doing the same thing! And don’t worry about the handwriting, I can assure you mine is way worse, lol. :P

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