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15 things that make you happy

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  1. Coffee.
  2. Danny DeVito! seriously I grew up with Matilda being my favourite film and now It’s Always Sunny is one of my favourite shows.
  3. My cats.
  4. Good movies. Like Ester said, going into a movie with 0 expectations and then it’s actually really good. :)
  5. The fact that a band like Screaming Females exists.
  6. Talking to someone and they actually listen to you.
  7. No Larry next season on Orange is the New Black. :D
  8. Actually creating things that I like. Whether it be a gifset on here or just a drawing that didn’t turn out so shitty, lol.
  9. Sometimes just being on my own with my thoughts for a bit.
  10. Halloween (movie marathons, yeahh) and October in general.
  11. hmm let’s see.. badass ladies in music (marissa paternoster, katie alice greer, cate le bon, sky ferreira - I’m lookin’ at you)
  12. video games and watching ppl’s video game streams (Robbaz especially)
  13. my sister - she’s like my best friend and I wouldn’t have my love or knowledge of movies if it weren’t for her. :)
  14. Movies that are so bad they are good, but not so terrible that they aren’t funny. There’s a very fine line. :P
  15.  Just being able to cheer people up or make them laugh.
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We’re never really dead or alive. We just exist.

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Persona (1966) dir. Ingmar Bergman

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